BCCI Considering July-September Window For Hosting IPL 2020 Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

There are reports that the BCCI is considering scheduling IPL 2020 during July-September window if the situation doesn’t get under control after the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Moving the tournament to another venue is also an option.

As it appears, the Indian Cricket Board has decided to go the distance for making IPL 13 happen. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the league has been suspended by the cricket board until April 15, at least, as a precaution. At the moment, however, there aren’t very strong chances of the tournament getting through as the corona cases in the country and the region are continuously on the rise.

The coronavirus pandemic has created havoc all around the world with all major sporting events being called-off. Earlier, there were reports that the authorities might truncate the event for making it possible in a shortened, delayed window as ‘Plan B’ to make it possible. Later it was clarified, however, that the BCCI doesn’t have any ‘Plan B’ and will host the complete tournament whenever it is possible.

Reportedly, the BCCI has decided to move the event to another venue if it won’t be possible in the country. They also have a plan to host the event some time later if all their contracted players aren’t available. So, the board has already made up its mind to go the distance for make it happen.

It was further state in the report that the July-September window is in consideration for hosting the event if things don’t improve any time soon. There isn’t much from the FTP for 2020 during these months except the Asia Cup 2020 in September and the England-Pakistan series. Most other cricketing nations don’t have much cricket scheduled in this window and, obviously, England and Pakistan don’t participate in the Indian Premier League. As for India, they have to be part of Asia Cup in September while they’ll be playing 3 T20Is against Sri Lanka in June-July.

At the moment, BCCI might be thinking on getting those schedules tweaked a little somehow. Let’s wait and watch if that happens or not.

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