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Gaddafi Stadium Lahore – PSL 2020 Venues

The famous Gaddafi Stadium Lahore was the first venue to host a PSL game in Pakistan when the PCB decided to bring the tournament back home in gradual steps. That’s probably the biggest honor that could be associated to this venue. It was on March 5, 2017 when Gaddafi Stadium hosted its first ever PSL Final where Peshawar Zalmi won their first PSL title by defeating Quetta Gladiators by 58 runs on a glittering night of cricket. Now, the cricket ground has been selected as one of the primary venues to host the Pakistan Super League 2020, the first ever edition of PSL that will be hosted completely in Pakistan.

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore PSL 2020

Previously Lahore Stadium, the Gaddafi Stadium is one of Pakistan’s prime cricket venues located in Lahore, Pakistan. The venue is renamed after the Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 1974 after his speech at 2nd Organization of Islamic Conference meeting where he endorsed the country’s right to continue with its nuclear weapons program. The Pakistan Cricket Board owns this venue and it was designed by the popular engineer and architect Nasreddin Murat-Khan. The stadium was constructed back in 1959 before it saw a renovation ahead of the Cricket World Cup 1996 where it did the honors to host the tournament’s final. 

It also serves as the PCB headquarters and that’s what makes this venue the home for Pakistan Cricket Team. With a capacity of 27000 spectators, it is among the biggest venues in the country. 

The renovation of the stadium in 1996 was carried out by Nayyar Ali Data – the architect qualified from the NCA Lahore. This redesign was in Mughal style that featured red-colored, hand-laid brickwork as well as the arches. Besides, that also chose to install the enclosures with plastic seating by replacing those old concrete benches. Shops for offices and boutiques were made by enclosing stands lower section. 

The stadium was the very venue in the country where modern floodlights were installed with standby power generators of their own. 

The stadium, however, used to be the largest venue in the country with its capacity to house around 60000 spectators until its enclosures were redesigned to reduce this capacity to only 27000. 

Has Lahore Hosted PSL Games Before?

Yes, Lahore was the very first cricket venue in Pakistan to host a PSL game. And, it really was a big one. It was the PSL 2017 Final where Peshawar Zalmi ended up winning the game against Quetta Gladiators who were playing without their key players who decided not to travel to Pakistan due to security concerns. 

The following year, Lahore was set to host the two eliminators of the Pakistan Super League. In the first eliminator of PSL 2018, it was Peshawar Zalmi winning against Quetta Gladiators by just 1 run in an enthralling affair. In the second game Zalmi outclassed and outwitted Karachi Kings by 13 runs. 

In the latest edition of the tournament, the PSL 2019, there were three more games scheduled at the venue which later had to be rescheduled and shifted to Karachi due to circumstances beyond PCB’s control. It was the delay in opening of Lahore airspace which caused the issue. 

Nevertheless, Lahore is set to host 13 matches in the upcoming PSL 2020 and you can expect the venue to host the final of the tournament as well. So, just get ready for PSL 5 matches Gaddafi Stadium Lahore and get yourself a chance to have ultimate fun. The tournament is fast approaching and it will be there soon before you know it! 


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  1. Hi I am staying in uk but wants to to Pakistan for watching Lahore match last year this match is cancelled but hopefully this there we enjoy with our team

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