IPL 2020

IPL 2020 Theme Song

Finally, the wait is over and we are all set to witness the IPL 2020 in UAE. The news has finally arrived and the tournament will be starting from 19th of September. What the cricket lovers are getting anxious about, however, is the IPL 2020 theme song. Yes, theme songs have become more of a ritual and almost every cricket league around the world releases a theme song just ahead of their upcoming season. There is more of a commercial aspect to it and cricket lovers just want to get entertained by watching and listening to the song that makes them feel the league to be their own. So, what’s the news on 2020 IPL theme song then? Let’s find out. 

IPL 2020 Theme Song

Like every year, the IPL 2020 theme song is expected to be something special that will have some entertaining lyrics and a wonderful video for the cricket lovers to watch. Even though we have had some hints of the theme song of the IPL 2020 so far but we are not really sure as to what it will be and when it is going to come out. 

From different promotions around the IPL 2020, which started just ahead of the start of the season earlier this year, we get an idea that the new theme song will be like “Ab Khel Bolega”. However, we’ll have to wait until the actual theme song is released officially by the BCCI to get a feel of the real thing. 

When Will The 2020 IPL Theme Song Be Released?

If we look at the trend from the past, the IPL 2020 theme song will be released very close to the starting date of the tournament. Normally, it is 20-25 days ahead of the start of the event and something similar could be expected this time around as well. 

Where To Watch IPL 2020 Theme Song?

When the IPL Theme Song will be released, it will be available across multiple media channels for the cricket lovers to watch and enjoy. You may be able to watch it on YouTube, your favorite TV channels, everywhere on social media, and here on this site as well. 

So, stay tuned for the latest updates on the IPL 2020 theme song and enjoy what comes your way ahead of the start of the IPL 2020. It is certainly going to be something very entertaining.

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