Asia Cup 2020

Is Asia Cup 2020 Fixed? Here We Have The Proof

There is no cricket going on around the world at the moment but the hopes are still alive that the Asia Cup 2020 will go according to the plan. Like every big tournament, the gossip is going on in the cricketing circles that Asia cup 2020 fixed news is true. However, as of now, it is all rumors only and nobody has come up with any proof of that. So, let’s do a bit of digging into what this matter is all about. 

Are Asia Cup 2020 Fixed News Really True?

Well, whenever something is said on a matter, there is some truth to it and that’s exactly the case with the Asia Cup 2020 fixed rumors as well. But the question is what makes us believe these rumors? Here are a few things worth considering in this regard. 

Rumors Around Asia Cup Not Going On Schedule

Even though the main reason behind Asia Cup 2020 missing its schedule is the COVID-19 outbreak, it seems there is something cooking up underneath. Some fixing deals might be going on under the table and we’re pretty sure of that. 

Bookies Making Claims Of Fixing Scandals Coming Up

We have all known over the years that fixing scandals happen and the bookies are always approaching the top players of the popular cricket teams. Recently, some bookies have made claims about fixing scandals coming up in near future. And, as the first major cricket tournament coming up would be the Asia Cup 2020, it’s likely that some matches or events in the tournament will be fixed. There are lots of rumors going on in the bookie world and many of them would be true for sure. 

Whether Asia Cup 2020 fixed or not, however, we are surely going to witness some real fun if the tournament goes on schedule. Let’s see how things turn up as we get closer to the event.

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