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PSL -5 Lahore Qalandars Team Kit and Logo

Lahore Qalandars have, by far, been the most unsuccessful side throughout the four seasons of the Pakistan Super League played so far. Despite spending a lot on their players, they haven’t been able to pull off anything special over the years. However, their branding has always been top-notch and the new colors they adopted after the inaugural season of the tournament looked just amazing. The PSL 2020 Lahore Qalandars Team Kit and Logo will be as cool as the previous seasons and it will definitely make one of the best kits for the upcoming season. 

Lahore Qalandars Team Colors

Qalandars started off their PSL journey with red and black. However, these did not remain their official colors for much longer as they decided to switch things up in the PSL 2 when they brought parrot green and black as their main team colors. Since then they have maintained these colors and there weren’t many changes brought to the team kits for the upcoming seasons with a tinge of red given to the kits for the latest PSL 2019.

PSL 2020 Lahore Qalandars Team Kit

The new PSL 2020 Lahore Qalandars Team Kit will be revealed somewhere in January next year. At the moment, there hasn’t been much said about this by the officials and the team management. Nevertheless, whenever it arrives, it is expected to be a special kit with somewhat new design.

A look into the previous team kit for the Lahore Qalandars franchise reveals that it was a pretty simple kit featuring team combinations of green and black. The only innovation was that the red color was introduced in the shirt’s collar instead of green or black from the previous seasons. The latest we have seen from Qalandars is a dominantly green short with black trims and glittering red collar. The trousers are full black and there are green trims on them. The team’s logo and the logos of the sponsors are usually evident on the chest too. 

For the new PSL 5 Lahore Qalandars team kit, you just need to stay with us and we’ll update you about it as soon as it is officially revealed. 

PSL 2020 Lahore Qalandars Logo

The Lahore Qalandars logo is quite a creative one but it still features the old team colors of red and black with a Qalandar (Sufi) posing in ‘Raqs’ wearing white dress and a red turban. Behind him is the dismantled cricket stumps with bails flying in the air. The man is, essentially, standing on top of a cricket ball which shows in the bottom section of the logo. On top of it all, the name of the team is written in a bold font. Below the logo, team’s tagline “Dama Dam Mast” is written in both Urdu and English.

Lahore Qalandars never had their fair share of luck since the inaugural season of the Pakistan Super League. Will they be able to turn the tables in their favor this year? We still have to wait and watch how things turn up for them. As for the PSL 2020 Lahore Qalandars Team Kit, we’ll share it as soon as it is officially revealed. So, stay tuned and keep your focus on the PSL 5 Draft for now. 


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