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Multan Sultans Brand Ambassadors PSL 2020

The latest addition to the Pakistan Super League, Multan Sultans have only been a part of last two seasons of PSL. And, there short stay at the PSL has been full of controversies with the franchise’s rights being revoked and it being resold to new owners Ali Tareen and Taimoor Malik in the name of Multan Consortium. However, they did have quite a few brand ambassadors representing them in the previous seasons and we expect the same Multan Sultans brand ambassadors PSL 2020 as well. 

Multan Sultans brand ambassadors PSL 2020

There have been 6 big names that have represented Sultans’ brand as they have appeared in just two seasons so far. So, this means Sultans really take their branding seriously and they want to propagate their message to the masses and be recognized with familiar faces on and off the field. Let’s look into the Multan Sultans brand ambassadors PSL 5

  • Momal Sheikh


The pretty and the gorgeous, Momal Sheikh has developed her stature in the drama industry of Pakistan and she has really been appreciated by her fans. She was taken onboard by the Sultans as they started and the new management also decided to keep her with them. She is present on all the Sultans’ matches with her father Javed Sheikh who is also the brand ambassador of Multan Sultans. 


  • Javed Sheikh


Momal Sheikh’s father and the legendary film and TV star Javed Sheikh also represents Multan Sultans in their team colors on the field and is part of their marketing and other events as well. 


  • Ahsan Khan


The popular TV actor Ahsan Khan is also a big name in Pakistan’s media industry and he is with Multan Sultans both officially and by heart too. 


  • Neelam Muneer


Neelam Munir has attracted masses with her beauty and some amazing acting skills. She has also featured in Pakistani movies as well and has built her repo over the years. She is a famous star and represents Multan Sultans on and off the field. 

  • Sadia Khan


The budding TV and film star, Sadia Khan was also taken on board in 2018 as Multan Sultans brand ambassador. She is still with them would continue in 2020 as well. 

  • Amir Liaquat


It was quite shocking for the cricket and Sulatns’ fans when they announced the ever-controversial media personality and politician Dr. Amir Liaqat as their brand ambassador. He does have a huge fan following in the country but that didn’t have to do anything with cricket. However, that’s not necessary we all know that and it’s the charisma of the person which is needed to serve in the role of a brand ambassador. And, he has been doing his duties quite diligently. He cheers the fans up on the field and is also present at different events held by the Multan Sultans. 

We expect, at least, top 5 of these to serve as Multan Sultans brand ambassadors PSL 2020 as well. But, if Amir Liaqat continues in this role or not in PSL 5 is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, Sultans do have a good team for branding purposes!


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