PSL 2020 To Have Cheerleaders? Not A Welcoming Idea Say PSL Bosses

‘It’s just not cricket’: The PSL bosses have rejected the idea to bring in Cheerleaders for the PSL 5. There was a proposal to bring in female cheerleaders for performing during the Pakistan Super League matches but it’s been turned down by the six franchise owners of the league, labeling the idea simply “not helpful” for the teams considering conservative values and cost issues.

The PCB had pushed the initiative with the members suggesting that the female dances will attract more crowds and will also make the game more popular among the fans. However, the team owners have rejected this proposal as they just do not want to spend an additional $14000 for hiring the dancers.

“The franchise owners rejected the proposal firstly objecting to them having to shell out USD 14000 dollars and secondly because they felt the presence of cheerleaders would not be helpful in enhancing the popularity and following of the league,” a PCB source said.

Even though they were assured that these cheerleaders will be dressed up in a decent manner, with no provocative or revealing clothes, the owners didn’t approve the idea of girls performing at the PSL matches.

“The franchise owners were assured the female cheerleaders would be wearing proper Eastern dresses and would not wear anything objectionable and they would perform in one corner of the ground where the matches are to be held,” the PCB source added and stressed that a few of the franchise owners didn’t support the idea of female dancers performing at the event because of the conservative values of the country.

As Pakistan Super League 2020 will be played completely in Pakistan, it’s a good enough reason for cricket-deprived fans of the game to hit the grounds and follow the matches as they are played. The PSL 5 will start on February 20, 2020 and it’s the most anticipated event in the country at the start of the year.

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