PSL 2020 Fixed!!!

The Pakistan Super League 2020 is scheduled in February-March 2020 and the preparations of the event have already been started. The PCB has already made a lot of announcements and many things have been finalized including the PSL 5 venues.

The PSL 2020 draft is only a few days away now with the PSL 5 trading and retention window open right now and players being traded and some important decisions being made by the franchise owners. But is it all worth it? Do you think everything will be transparent at the upcoming PSL 2020? There is news in the air that PSL 2020 fixed and nobody cares what happens as the tournament goes on because the finalists have already been decided. 

Is PSL 2020 Fixed? 

Well, to be honest, there is no legitimate news about that and it is just some rumors floating in the air saying that the PSL 5 fixed and the results of the games have been decided beforehand. But how true all those rumors are simply can’t be decided until we actually see the tournament matches and the results that come afterwards. But what are the rumors floating around? Let’s find out!


  • PSL Draft has been delayed, so something is cooking up…


Whenever a major cricketing events starts, there are all sorts of controversies that start on the sidelines and the same is happening here as well. Some light-minded people might be thinking right now that there is something cooking up which actually caused the PSL 2020 draft to get delayed. But does that always happen? Probably not! There could be some technical issues, of course. Pakistan cricket has gone through a lot after their early exit in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and that lead to the removal of Pakistan Head Coach Mickey Arthur, Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, and Misbah-ul-Haq made his way into the team as new head coach of the team. Similarly, PCB had to assign a new bowling consultant to the team and new captains had to be appointed for the upcoming series. 

Pakistan also hosted Sri Lanka for the first time in 10 years for a full-fledged tour and that required a lot of arrangements on the management front and security side. And, right after that, Pakistan’s tour to Australia was scheduled. So, the PCB management was bound to deal with these things first before they could stage a PSL Draft 2020. 

In addition, the PCB was interested in a lot of restructuring of domestic cricket and also the Pakistan Super League. There were multiple meetings between the PCB management and the franchise owners to decide various aspects of their agreement ahead of the next season. Besides, the upcoming event is going to be scheduled for the first time in Pakistan in its entirety and that is another major concern. It is not only about the security arrangements that have to be made, but it is also about getting the consent of foreign players to be part of the Pakistan Super League. Both the PCB’s representatives and the franchise owners have been in talks with the foreign players on their roster to convince them that it’s completely safe to visit Pakistan and play cricket now. 

So, all these events just added up and didn’t allow the PCB management to hold the PSL draft mid-November when it usually happens every year. In fact, there’s not so much delay either as we are now scheduled to witness the PSL draft in the first week of December. That means, there doesn’t seem to be anything to raise some eyebrows about this rumor. There is no reality in it and things will definitely be different. 


  • PSL audit from the previous seasons reveals irregularities…


Now, this one is something that one would be more likely to believe. Yes, there have been reports claiming that the previous seasons of the Pakistan Super League had some financial irregularities and further investigations have been made into the issue. That being said, however, nobody claimed that the PSL was fixed and there was any pre-arranged effort made to fix the entire tournament. 

The financial irregularities being unveiled make a whole different story and that is more about unjust distribution of funds among franchises. So, we can’t say that this time the PSL 2020 is fixed as there is no conclusive evidence about that either. 


  • Players are often involved in Spot-fixing and that’s why PSL 5 fixed too


This is another thing that refers to the previous incidents being reported and the spot-fixing scandals being made in the earlier seasons of the Pakistan Super League. Again, that was not some designed arrangement of fixing the entire event. 

As a matter of fact, you can take any cricket league around the world and any mega event in cricket or some other sport, and you will find out that players are approached for fixing the games. The bookies approach them for doing certain things during the match and pay them heavily. One such incident was reported against Pakistan’s spearheads in 2010 when Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif, and Salman Butt were banned for spot-fixing because the pacers bowled orchestrated no-balls. 

Similarly, in the earlier seasons of the Pakistan Super League, the Islamabad United batsmen were accused of spot-fixing and that was proven as well in the consequent investigations. However, that was all about the individual acts of the players and no traces were found to declare the tournament to be shady. 

With all these rumors in the air, the legitimacy of the upcoming tournament might still be questioned by some. But, officially, it is quite a clean and transparent event and the PCB’s anti-corruption committee oversees everything and ensures that there are no irregularities and all the games are played completely clean.  

Does PSL Maintain A Clean History?

There have been a few questions raised about the integrity of this tournament in the past. First it was the spot-fixing scandal that involved the players from Islamabad United franchise who have already served their bans. And now, recently, it was the financial irregularities that were revealed by the auditors that claim the tournament to have a few shady things going on around it. 

The said financial irregularities totaled Rs. 593 million and the reports say that they happened in the first couple of seasons of the tournament. 

The special audit report was submitted to FIA and it identified some major irregularities in the financial payments to the franchises by the cricket board. The report said that the PCB had made an extra payment of Rs. 248.6 million from the central pool income to a franchise without keeping in regard any kind of rules and regulations whatsoever. Besides, the PCB also paid Rs. 246.045 million in advance to the PSL vendors without making any financial rolls for it. The PCB didn’t take any guarantee in this regard either. Furthermore, the Rs. 54.49 million revenues generated from the 5 franchises wasn’t received as well. 

So, was it all about tainting the credibility of the tournament? Was it about giving some undue benefits to the franchises and manipulating the results of the tournament? There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to claim that but one thing is for sure, the PCB had something going on with the franchises at that time and it might have tried to keep them on board with these irregular payments made to them. The PCB went out of its way to make sure that things continue well and the tournament does not end up in a closed alley after being initiated. 

Does all that have anything to do with the PSL 2020 fixed? Probably not! So, the cricket lovers must not let any rumors take a space in their mind and simply show their love for the game. Watch the PSL 2020 Draft as it happens on the 6th and 7th of December and stay tuned for all the live action as the tournament gets underway on February 20, 2020. It will be a whole lot of fun for sure and the foreign players will come to perform in front of jam-packed stadiums in Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi. Stay tuned!


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