Remaining PSL 2020 Matches Scheduled In November – Wasim Khan

The PCB CEO Wasim Khan is hopeful of organizing the remainder of the PSL 2020 somewhere in November. The PCB chief said in a recent statement that the cricket board is planning to organize remaining four games of the Pakistan Super League 2020 in November. 

PSL 2020 Schedule

“We have identified a window in November to complete our remaining matches but that’s subject to the pandemic. Zimbabwe is also schedule to visit Pakistan in November to play three T20Is and three ODIs,” he said. 

Talking about how the league has grown he revealed an interesting stat highlighting that more than 500,000 spectators made it to the cricket grounds during the 26 matches of the tournament. He further said that the numbers would have significantly increased in the last four games of the tournament if they did not have to postpone them.

“Since the league has moved to Pakistan it has become a big thing. It was a big challenge to have the entire PSL in Pakistan as we didn’t have any infrastructure but the PCB staff did a great job,” he said.

He also disclosed plans on adding Peshawar as a venue for the upcoming tournaments saying that the PCB plans to increase the reach of the game to all parts of the country.

“The PSL is lifeblood for Pakistan and it was good thing to have all the games in the country,” he said.

He also had a few words to say about the concerns of the PSL franchises mentioning that the cricket board is trying to address all their grievances of the franchises and there isn’t any serious conflict that exists. 

“The PCB and PSL franchises are working together for betterment of Pakistan cricket. Arguments and disagreements happen everywhere as everyone has their point of view. Franchises are important stake holders and they have played an important role by investing in Pakistan cricket.”

“We are reviewing the financial model and thinking about home and away revenue sharing model. We are meeting in early July and we will discuss on these lines,” he said.

In November, the PSL draft usually takes place and it is likely that the foreign players will be in the country for PSL 2021 draft during that time. So, there is every possibility for the remaining PSL 2020 games to be organized in November. 

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