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PSL 5 Quetta Gladiators Team Kit And Logo

Quetta Gladiators are the reigning champions at the Pakistan Super League and they had achieved the landmark after coming too close to the title on several occasions in the previous editions of the Pakistan Super League. Now, they will be going into the PSL 2020 as the defending champions and will have a lot at stake. The fans are, however, interested in something else too. They want to know about some interesting stuff life PSL 2020 Quetta Gladiators Team Kit and Logo. Are you interested in finding out what colors your favorite players would be wearing in the PSL 5 too? Let’s find out. 

Quetta Gladiators Team Colors

Before PSL 2019, the Gladiators only had a couple of main colors that could be easily spotted in their team kit. The colors were also there in the team logo as well. It was purple color that remained the most dominant while there were yellow and golden touches to the kit too. In the PSL 2019, however, the team introduced green color into its kit as well and diversified things a little.

PSL 2020 Quetta Gladiators Team Kit

Just like all other teams, Quetta Gladiators are also busy with the preparations of the PSL 5 draft. There isn’t much focus on the team kits and other side stuff like the PSL 5 Quetta Gladiators Anthem. However, we can expect something similar as the previous edition of the Pakistan Super League. And, one thing is for sure, the purple color is going to remain the most dominant of the lot in the PSL 2020 Quetta Gladiators team kit like always.

If you look at the previous kit of the Quetta Gladiators, it featured purple all over with the trims given a green touch representing the sponsors Engro. There wasn’t much golden touch given to it and the same green trims were there on the sides of the shirt. The chest featured the Quetta Gladiators logo. As for the trousers, the color was same purple and the flaps were embossed with a fire-like motif. 

We expect something similar coming out for PSL 5 Quetta Gladiators team kit as well. The kits will be shared here as soon as revealed officially. 

PSL 2020 Quetta Gladiators Logo

The logo of the Quetta Gladiators is quite an attractive and aggressive one. It features a Gladiator mask on top placed in the middle of two cricket bats. Below that, the team name is written on a banner and towards its bottom is “Shan-e-Pakistan” written in Urdu which means “The Pride of Pakistan”. The team colors of purple, golden and yellow are quite evident in the Quetta Gladiators Logo.

Quetta Gladiators have been the latest title holders for the Pakistan Super League and they have always stood among the top sides at the PSL since the inaugural season. A lot will be expected from them in the upcoming PSL 5 and they would make their fans proud with their great performances for sure. As for the PSL 2020 Quetta Gladiators Team Kit and Logo, we’ll be sharing it right here as soon as the official word comes out. 


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